Some Emerging Challenges For Crucial Elements Of Dog Grooming

Discovering The Answers To Swift Systems Of Dog Grooming
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Some Growing Challenges In Handy Dog Collar Tactics

We have to clean her, or take care of her and sew her back together, and bring her out every day and then bring her back in." So imagine their heartbreak when on Tuesday, two men stole Dot from outside of the business. Surveillance video shows one man picking up the costume in the chair and throwing it into the bed of a truck while another man quickly drives away. Dot's head falls into the street, and three minutes later, the two are seen coming back to retrieve it. "I laughed because of how it looked," Brunjes chuckled. "Who does that? Who takes the dog? Who takes the whole chair? They took everything." Brunjes is offering a cash reward for anyone who can bring Dot back to her store. "She has been our mascot for 17 years.

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